Terms of doing business

This section represents the detailed description of operation of our resource being the base for the writers for hire proposing help in the assignment completion and the customers who are in need of the assistance of such kind. The terms represented in this document serve to protect the rights of the authors and the clients. These rules also regulate the working process. The registration on the website equals to the consent of the customer with the current terms and conditions describing the further cooperation on our platform.
Our provider is a base giving an opportunity to the people in need of professional help in the assignment writing activity to find the proper specialist capable of the task completion. This is one side of the resource. On the other hand, it suggests the experts from the varied domains to propose their valuable assistance on our website. The qualification of our authors allows providing help with the tasks of the different degree of complexity comprising the essay writing and the top complex assignments like a dissertation. The duty of the resource is to assure the timely delivery of the quality assignment to the customer and the transfer of the fee to the account of the author.
The freelancers represent our writing staff. Their collaboration with our provider starts from the complex examination. Such verification includes 3 stages: the knowledge in the native domain review, the command of English testing, and the writing skills presentation. The documentation certifying the education and the written assignments samples are transmitted in addition.
The order formation procedure presupposes the definite algorithm. The accepted by the writer details of the task description, the requirements of the client, and the data of delivery indication signify that the assigned writer takes upon himself the quality work writing in accordance with the rendered requirements and on-time delivery of order. As soon as the client receives the ready work the payment is transferred to the author. The rights on the paper are automatically transferred to the client.
Procedure of order formation
The registration and the order forms should be filled with the valid private details of the client. The company needs these details to inform the client of the special offers, implementation of changes in the agreement or any other matter representing valuable information to the customer. The resource is responsible for the arrangements comprising the choice of the suitable writer with the extended experience in the determined domain and the data communication on the initial stage of order execution. As soon as the fee for the assignment is paid by the customer the author is officially assigned. Our client can communicate with the appointed specialist on any stage of task completion due to the messaging system offered by the resource. The tracking system gives the opportunity to control the percentage of the order execution 24/7. The customer is not allowed to make attempts to organize the direct collaboration with the assigned writer.
The partner resources enabling the internet connection, e-mail, and other services are responsible for the consequences caused by them. If the customer has any problem with the delivery of the order he should address to the Custom Support Department. To get back the fee for the unsatisfactorily performed task (if it contains mistakes, plagiarism or fails to correspond the requirements) the customer needs to represent his grievance within three days after the order delivery. The different reasons of discontentedness offer varied compensation. Our provider is not responsible for the unbecoming or lawless use of the delivered assignments (it implies proceedings, suspension, expulsion, etc.). The writer performing the order is the only answerer if adjudication of disputes take place.
If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the performed task or the way the requirements are represented in the work he is offered additional revisions. First of all the client should represent the explanation of the kind of dissatisfaction he encounters in the ready work within three days term after the performed task was received. Such letters are directed to the Quality Department. This body examines the case and either approves the reimbursement or declines it which presupposes detailed explanation of the resolution being sent to the customer.
Amendments introduction
The current terms of business can undergo changes represented by the resource and the renewed variant of the agreement comes into effect as soon as it replaces the old one on the pages of our online resource. The company can inform its clients of such changes but it is not obligatory.
Usage conditions
The client makes a commitment to represent only valid personal data, to update it, and to cooperate with the resource pursuing only the lawful objectives. The resource is authorized to delete the account of the user who set any of the represented here rules at naught.
Payment terms
The official appointment of the writer follows the transfer of the payment when making order. After the client receives the last variant of the performed task he can inform the provider about the dissatisfaction related to the quality of the work in three days term. When the expiration of the determined term takes place the payment is transferred to the author’s account. This means the client is satisfied with the result.
Local legislation influence
The resource does not claim that the services provided by the website are appropriate for any territory that is why the users addressing for help act this way at their own discretion and are responsible for such actions in accordance with local legislation.
Deletion of the account
The company has authority to delete the customer’s account and abrogate a treaty unilaterally if invalid or misleading information was represented by the user, if the customer concealed the valuable data, and in case if he is related to frauds with transactions, or inflicts damage either on the clients or the resource (for instance, while collaborating with the providers dispersing harmful programs, viruses, and spamming). The transferred payment will not impede the deletion of the account.
Principal law
The current terms and conditions are composed in keeping with the legislation of the principal place of business or other location specified by the resource. The company is authorized to determine the principal law. The list of the acts applied to the current agreement excludes the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
Resolution of disputes
The company specifies the location of the dispute resolution related to the actual contract. Such matters will be viewed in the territory of the principal address of business or some other territory specified by the resource.