Data Protection Guidelines

The current section of information represents the detailed description of the customer’s personal data consideration by the named provider. The customer should learn these details to ascertain his private information is protected when addressing the site.
How do we collect the personal details of our clients?
The name of the person, the address, the user name, the email address, and the telephone number represent the details which are regarded as private. This information is needed for the identification. The registration form comprises all the mentioned data and having filled it the client automatically renders them to our resource to save, store and process. In addition to the mentioned above sorts of details the company gathers the details describing the area codes, postal codes, countries, etc. Here we also include the information describing your personal computer settings and specifications. It comprises the IP address, the domain names, time of access, browser type, etc. Such data are of great value for our custom support desk allowing to ameliorate the quality of the services.
The bank details represent the information demanding exceptional security. The company took the needed precautions to ascertain these details are safe due to the increased protection of our servers. The provider is not responsible for the client’s actions leading to a public transfer of such valuable information which take place when sharing the bank details via messaging system offered by the site. The client is responsible for such actions himself.
The company is closed for collaboration with the individuals under 13. The resource has every right to delete the account and any details connected with it of the user who departed from this rule indicating false details misleading the provider as for his real age.
What kind of approach do we use to collect the private details of our customers?
The purpose of the data collection resides in the identification which is obligatory to enable the valuable information delivery announcing of the discounts and other offers representing favorable conditions for collaborations represented by the resource. The list of personal contacts is not processed by the resource. We do not render this information to the third parties. We can only give the access to the private data of the clients to our partners enabling the quality of the custom support and the working process (those connected with the order delivery, messaging services, analytics, statistics, etc.). They are allowed to use the clients’ private details within the scope indicated in this document.
Race, political convictions, religion matters are not disclosed by the resource unless it is authorized by the user to act this way.
What are the conditions leading to the disclosure of the personal information?
In case if the disclosure of information at the request is a part of the due process of law or this is a necessary step to introduce changes into the activities of the resource to adjust them to the legal system our resource will take these measures in correspondence with the process of law. This can serve a measure needed to protect the author’s right of the customer and those of the resource.
Is the policy of the partner company related to the one represented on the pages of our site?
No, the fact that our resource offers the links to other sites on its pages doesn’t assume the policies of those companies are related to our own one. This step is used to give the customer an opportunity to get acquainted with the valuable data represented on the pages of those websites. Such providers represent the detached units with own policies. To ascertain you are secure addressing these resources it is advisable to learn the content of these documents represented on their pages.
What do we use cookies for?
These are the files serving to simplify the collection of personal data related to the internet experience. They are immediately downloaded on the hard disc of the computer as soon as the customer addresses the site. The user can switch off this function having changed some settings on the PC. Although, such changes can cause undesirable consequences as interactive features operation because in the majority of cases they are automatically switched on due to the cookies usage. Cookies do not serve to introduce viruses or any harmful programs on the PC. They are necessary to retain and properly reconstruct the personal information at the moment of the subsequent visit to the site.
The activation of a link represented on our website the customer addresses another website which presupposes the automatic download of the cookies used by that provider on your PC. To assure you are safe with this resources read their privacy policy page.
What are the measures of private data protection engaged by the resource?
Indicating the private information in the registration form represented by the provider the customer empowers the company to collect, process, and store his personal details within the limits determined by this document. The resource takes the necessary measures enabling the complete protection of the personal information against unauthorized access, alterations, and data loss. The reinforced guard is provided to the bank data mentioned in the order form.
The individual password and the IP serve additional means of protection. We store the information deleted by the users and the deleted accounts on our server for statistic and analytic purposes allowing to upgrade the quality of the delivered services. We don’t participate selling these details.
Leaving the review about the services and their quality the customer automatically empowers the provider to place it on the pages of the site. If you do not want your review to be represented on the website you should inform the custom support team.
The transmission of the details over the internet takes place at the risk of the client because the company is not empowered to supply with protection in this relation.
What is the procedure of the changes insertion in the privacy policy?
The company can renew the information representing the privacy policy of the resource to improve the quality of the services. The provider can send or not the notifications of such novelties having been made to the users. To keep in touch with the current version of the privacy policy of our resource it is advisable to address to the corresponding page of the site.
We are always grateful to the commentaries of our customers representing recommendations. We value your attention to the details and the choice and will take any of them into account to make our services better for you.