Creating argumentative essay topics

People like to chat, discuss debatable questions and different opinions. When studying at college, you may learn how to make your speech more argumentative and convince other people.

Argumentative essay topics are not just debatable themes. They need students to use previous experience, their knowledge and information from different sources.

How to choose good argumentative essay topics

You should work with areas that are close to you and which you understand. It can be connected with your work and specialty, social experience. It is easier to find arguments and study anything you are familiar with.essay

The theme of your college essay should also be close to your readers and listeners experience. They cannot find arguments for opinions they don’t understand. They may also be not interested in discussing.

Ideas should not be very long and complex. It should be clear, but you can use bigger and complex arguments in the text of your essay and in conversation.

Which topics are most polemical

The hottest discussions are usually connected with religion, politics and social problems. If you pick a topic from these categories, there is a big chance that your readers and listeners will be involved and give many arguments from both sides.

You can also pick a title, which is discussed in media and society. You may find such topics in newspapers and magazines, blogs and other popular sources.

Be careful when picking a political or religion theme and writing an essay on it. You may offend other people who have other opinions. Even if your thought differs from theirs, be polite.

What else can be used as argumentative essay topics

Many themes can attract people and make them discuss opinions. The following list may help you to pick the most interesting topics for your essay and other works.

  1. Teenagers problems. It is also good for classes where most of listeners are currently teenagers.
  2. Education problems. Most of students are familiar with such issues.
  3. Computer technologies. It can be discussion of present or future technologies and how they affect the whole mankind.
  4. Legal problems.
  5. Cultural problems.

If you do your own research or want to prove your opinion to other people for long time, it can also be a title for your essay and help you to convince other people who still have other opinions. You can also use your research results for convincing.

What you should avoid while writing argumentative essays

Even if you want to prove your opinion very much, you should use only reliable sources with proven facts. If you use questionable information and unproven facts, it may be bad for all your argumentation.

Check all the facts and other data you want to put in your essay. With access to Internet and other sources, it is not difficult. Do not use fake facts. In computer age, there in many fake information, you may even not know if sources cited in your essay lie. That is why you need checking facts.

Looking from different sides

If you want your readers and listeners to look at a topic from different side, you should also do this. If you are looking for facts that prove your opinion, also look for facts for other opinions.

It is also helpful for good discussion. You may predict different arguments of other sides, prepare your counterarguments.

Examples of argumentative essay topics

Before starting writing an essay, students need to pick good topics. There are a few examples that may help

  • Have teenagers have to get parents’ permission to study and work where they want?
  • When violence behavior of police officers is justified?
  • From what age children should become responsible for their crimes?
  • Should online media be censored?
  • Graduates must work only in spheres of their specialties.
  • Cloning is legal and should be supported.
  • Should all cultures have equal rights in society?
  • Smoking and drinking have a bad influence on students.
  • Plagiarism is not a crime.
  • Friendship of students and their teachers on Facebook is good.
  • Do people change their opinions?
  • Is it crime to draw paintings on walls?
  • Should slang words be used as well as terms from the

There are only examples, you can pick other topics, which are interesting to you and other students. In order to make your topic more polemical, find out what is interesting for students and make them give arguments for their thoughts.

You may discuss your essay with friends before reading it to other people. More topic examples:

  • Students should be present at all lectures.
  • Should students be paid for good marks?
  • What should be criteria of good studying?
  • Smoking at any places should be allowed.
  • Knowing English at highest level should be required for all students.
  • Moral problems should be discussed more often than nowadays.
  • All essay topics have to be debatable.

What else you should do when writing argumentative essays

Try to avoid topics that don’t help your readers and listeners understand your opinion. Make them clear and easy to understand. Don’t pick topics just to offend other people when you have personal issues with them. Emotions may not let you do it right. Writing essays is based on facts and good purposes. You don’t need to pick topics which are not supposed to be discussed. If all readers and listeners agree with opinions in the title of an essay, so there would not be a good discussion.

Do research before starting writing essay with a specific title. Make sure you will find all necessary facts, and that they are real and can be used to show your position.

Better topics don’t have obvious opinions and thoughts. They can be discussed for very long time, and there are two or more views. Be ready to listen to other opinions. How can you be convincing if you don’t listen to others? You may compare and contrast different opinions, even if they differ from yours very much. It greatly helps to prepare for speech and discussion, understand positions of other people.

Facts give more weight to your arguments. You can find them in many sources, including books and encyclopedias, interviews and research. You should also show facts in an appropriate way. You may use infographics, tables, and images to show information and make people understand it.

You may be focused on current students’ problems. Discussing them helps you to learn to convince people and also to solve these problems. These topics also get more attention from students and make them tell what they think.

If you have any hobby or other activities, essay topics can be connected with them. It especially matters when discussing social problems, which are not currently solved.